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DVD Medium
Sculpting with Welding Vol. 1

Sculptor and welder Hunter Herman teaches his renowned workshop Sculpting With Welding in this video series. His technical expertise and extensive sculpting experience are combined into a complete metal working course covering shielded metal arc welding-SMAW (stick), gas metal arc welding- GMAW (MIG) and gas tungsten arc welding-GTAW (TIG). Emphasis is placed on proper industrial grade standards and procedures including safety precautions.

Sculpting with Welding Volume 1 focuses on SMAW (stick) and demonstrates step by step how to weld proficiently and professionally. Oxy-fuel (OF) cutting and healing and plasma arc cutting (PAC) are covered. Other cutting procedures and finishing techniques are discussed using pneumatic and electric hand tools. A section on safety parameters is featured. Fabrication and assembly of sculpture using the procedures of this program.

Sculpting with Welding gives the artist a strong foundation in welding and metal working which are the tools and means to express his or her ideas in metal sculpture.


VHS ($54.95)
DVD ($54.95)
PAL ($59.95)

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Vol 2 Thumb

Sculpting with Welding Volume 2. COMING SOON!

Sculpting with Welding Volume 2 focuses on GMAW (MIG)and takes the sculptor through an in depth course demonstrating the four different types of GMAW

VHS $49.95
DVD $49.95

Vol. 3 thumb

Sculpting with Welding Volume 3. COMING SOON!

Sculpting with Welding Volume 3 features the GTAW (TIG) Process. Both AC welding on aluminum and DC welding on steel, stainless, and bronze are demonstrated.

VHS $49.95
DVD $49.95


phone: +1 (215) 357-2031
mailing address: 35 N. Midway Ave
Feasterville, PA 19053